Our experienced team of analysts provides the first check and analysis to make any future transformation go smoothly. Our experience with all forms of data helps you better understand your visitors and how they interact with your website.

How can you ultimately make important business decisions or allocate resources without being able to trust your data? We’ve got your back.

Specific questions we can answer include:
  • Are my Google Analytics properly integrated?
  • Which analysis should I be implementing?
  • How can we track offline-sales online?
  • Is my current link-profile properly set up?

Usability/Conversion Rate Optimizing

The most important challenge to every optimizing team is converting hard won and expensive traffic. Usability and conversion rate optimizing are the two pillars that currently determine your online business.

We’re always baffled by how many companies invest heavily in the acquisition of new customers without first exhausting currently available potential. We improve your usability and conversion rate through targeted and detailed analysis of your users and their behavior. We derive optimization hypotheses from our analysis that we independently deploy and implement.

Specific questions we can answer include:
  • Which features are the real selling points of my products and services?
  • How do conversions actually arise?
  • How can we develop scalable tests and keep costs low?
  • How do we know when a test has actually lost effectiveness?
  • Read our Wedding Jeweler and Alpine Classics case studies as examples of conversion rate and usability optimization.

Technical SEO

When we implement our technical procedures we have one goal in mind: How can we make it as simple as possible for Google to understand and index your website?

All these activities fall under our “Homework” category. It makes no sense thinking about creative solutions before having completed these tasks. Our technical concept is distributed internationally, making it compatible with several languages.

Specific questions we can answer include:
  • Is our HTML code SEO friendly?
  • How can we improve our internal links?
  • Would a new URL structure really bring us forward?
  • How might a professional indexing strategy look?
  • Which technical hurdles are hindering our placement?
  • Read our case study for an example of our SEO support. (Available soon!)


Capture your vision with words. Find the visitor’s tone. That is the foundation for generating interesting content. We have an exceedingly creative team dedicated to generating new ideas and result-oriented content.

When we consider the text in a website, we don’t create content for search engines but for people. We create text to advise visitors and facilitate their purchasing decisions.

Specific questions we can answer include:
  • Can good copy improve my conversion rate?
  • Where do I have to place text to support purchasing?
  • More keywords = better rankings?
  • How often does new content have to be created to stay relevant?
  • Read our case study as an example of our SEO support. (Available soon!)

Link Construction

Google links are still worth “gold”. They are like fuel for the economy. We generate links through creative ideas. These can be eBooks, interactive info-graphics, video campaigns, or other concepts based on our creative work.

As a rule, we handle the entire process: idea finding, implementation, and seeding. No more link exchanges. No more substandard forums and free blog links. We’ll generate links for you that you’d otherwise never come across.

Specific questions we can answer include:


Amazon is different and users have different intentions. While some are still searching with Google, people on Amazon are ready to buy.

Take on the challenge with us. Quickly increase your profits to astronomical heights and get a piece of the 89 billion dollars generated through Amazon (2015). We’ll work with you hand-in-hand to create sustainable success for your company.

Specific questions we can answer include:
  • Which factors improve rankings (Amazon SEO)?
  • How do I use the Fulfillment by Amazon network (FBA)?
  • What is the best way of identifying exciting products?
  • Which possibilities do I have to improve my ranking?