SEO and Conversion Optimization

Emotions. Perfectly Analyzed.

Instead of motivating more visitors to make online purchases, our task was to get more in-person consultations booked for fitting engagement and wedding rings. We also had to precisely understand Google’s interpretation of the keywords “buy wedding ring” in order to properly channel local traffic.

Changes to User Interface.

Large Effects.

After analyzing site visitors, we undertook an overhaul of the user interface. Then we ran an A/B test. The goal in making changes was to book more consultancy appointments for clients interested in purchasing a ring.


Original Version


BOY & MAN Variant




Booked Appointments

A Real Mobile Experience

Trauringschmiede’s mobile approach was not properly developed. To take advantage of the most recent Google mobile update, we implemented a mobile SEO and user optimized version.


+ 129%

Profits from mobile traffic in three-month
before-and-after comparison.

+ 32%

Conversion rate through
mobile sales.

Lighten Google’s Work.

To achieve better rankings, we had to undertake several technical changes. This included changes to the internal link structure, corrections to canonical tag implementation, and diversion of subpages. We also developed thematically relevant and semantically optimized text and content for important landing pages.


Improved visibility of

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